“Cravings,” Alisha’s Cupcakes, created some incredible mint chocolate cupcakes for our Kentucky Derby Couture event, and many of us at PUREfourhundred are still talking about them which is a clear sign that we’ve tasted something truly special. Winners of Food Network’s Cupcake Wars and Utah natives, the success story of Cravings is the cherry on top (of the cupcake).

Tell us about your career (when you first opened your bakery, how you first got into cupcakes, etc.)
I realized I loved baking and cooking in high school when I took a home economics class. I would bake for friends and family, and always thought about opening my own restaurant. My twin sister Angela suggested we start a cupcake buisness together. She named it Cravings – Alisha & Angie’s Cupcakes, but she became too busy, so I did it myself. Food Network started a show called Cupcake Wars and after 3 seasons, I decided to tryout for it. My sister and I went on the show together, and unfortunately lost in the 1st round but after the show aired we received quite a bit of publicity. My business grew from selling to just friends and family, to selling my cupcakes in a movie theater and a well-known boutique. The show allowed for me to quit my job, and build my business full time from home while raising my kids.

Tell us about winning Season 7 of Cupcake Wars. How has that experience changed your business?
Food Network contacted us about a year after the show aired asking us to come back for a redemption episode; without any hesitation, we said yes. We filmed the winning episode in June 2012 and but we could not tell anyone that we were even on the show again. They told us that our episode would air in November and we knew that we had to open a store. We had a lot of publicity the first time around after we lost, so I couldn’t even imagine the response after winning! We soon found a location in Pleasant Grove, Utah and opened up in November 2012. Food Network actually pushed back the episode to March, but once the show aired we were featured on KSL, News Papers, Magazines, Blogs, extending even outside of Utah. We had so many new customers that probably would have never even heard of us if it wasn’t for the win! We are so thankful for the experience and it truly has been a blessing. Still to this day we get people that come in just because they heard we won.
You and your sister also own Cravings Bistro. Tell us about this venture a little bit.
My sister really wanted to open her own business as well. I suggested to her that Grilled Cheeses were a big thing and Utah county didn’t have any gourmet grilled cheese shops. She loved it, and since Angie made up the name Cravings originally, they became twin sister companies. Cravings Bistro and Cravings Alisha’s Cupcakes. She was located in American Fork but just recently moved one block away from us, which will be so awesome! Our customers love supporting both of us and now it’s easier then ever!
We have a “do what you love” motto here at PUREfourhundred, what do you love most about what you do?
The thing that I love most is that I’m actually living my dream. I am doing what I truly love. I love going to work. I love my employees and my customers. I absolutely love everything about it!

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