At the height of the Gilded Age, when the newly rich flooded the city of New York, a certain lady, considered the queen of New York by many, chose among them the recognizable elite. Mrs. Caroline Webster Schermerhorn Astor, known for her supremely selected “Four Hundred,” in the late 19th century, was well known both for her social status and connections. The “Four Hundred’ was a social index, and a coined phrase used to reference the most successful, stylish, and sophisticated in society, and the number of guests who fit into Lady Astor’s ballroom.  Ward McAllister, debonair and journalist printed the list of “Four Hundred” in 1892, and everyone sought to make Mrs. Astor’s precious list. The “Four Hundred,” entered the national vocabulary, describing New York’s crop of elite. The Vanderbilts, the Roosevelt’s, and others, known for their family legacies, but also, members of Mrs. Astor’s precious “Four Hundred.” It is from this exclusive list that PUREfourhundred derives its’ name. Mrs. Astor’s legacy of influence and her uncanny ability to throw a party in her famous ballroom inspires us at PUREfourhundred. Crystal chandeliers, and strings of pearls, her ballroom was not just an exclusive event, but also a premium location. Plush red velvet couches, and marble horse heads, we like to think that Mrs. Astor also had a bit of the PUREfourhundred partiality for beautiful design.

PUREfourhundred is a lifestyle site for premier events, products, real estate, and design. Our team is made up of designers, real estate agents, event planners, and creatives, all working together to offer our clients a lifestyle that they can’t find anywhere else.

The connections made by Mrs. Astor’s “Four Hundred” influenced business, politics, and society.  PUREfourhundred events provide opportunities to expand business and social networks, and create the perfect setting for real relationships to develop organically with real people. Kristina and Brett have extensive experience in producing / designing / and garnering partners/sponsorship for some of the countries best events. Our creativity, passion and technical mastery, create one-of-a-kind experiences. We are obsessive about making sure our events are carefully planned and flawlessly executed. More than anything, we are about creativity. The best events start with the best ideas. Imagination is the heart and soul of our partnerships, and building a PUREfourhundred event gives us the opportunity to show all of our cards.

PUREfourhundred is, at its’ core, focused on gorgeous homes and spaces. Real estate is our passion, and much of our energy is driven by the beautiful properties across the nation. We know real estate and we have a fantastic team in house. Kristina and Joey are truly passionate about all aspects of real estate. PUREfourhundred is able to combine our professional talents in public relations, marketing, contract negotiation, and design, in order to truly give a “full service” package to our clients. We take pride in our ability to be matchmakers for our clients; pairing our network of agents, brokers, and property managers with the right people. We serve to foster relationships that are mutually beneficial, and we do that by bringing the best this business has to offer to our client.

Interior design has been the source of the partners, Brett and Kristina’s business for the last four years. We offer full service residential and commercial interior design that provides the ultimate design ethic to any project seeking a differential of style and experience. From concept to completion, our design team works with each client to enhance their vision of space to create dream environments.Our design team advances every project experience with a comprehensive palette of expertise. The scope of our design services include conceptual planning and development, space planning, drawings and specifications, pre-construction planning, project management, furniture, finishes, fabric specifications, procurement and supervision of work, lighting, accessories, artwork and more.

Our PUREfavs are our top finds in furnishings, fashion, and home décor. Often used in our designed spaces, and events, we want to make it easy for people to capture the PUREfourhundred style in their home, or office. Each piece is hand-selected by us. Love a piece, but aren’t sure how to style it? Let us know. We are happy to help.