Kristina brings to the table unmatched experience in marketing, public relations, event planning, real estate, design, etc. etc. We could write a novel to outline her accomplishments, but what is most notable about her is her ability to make magic with everything that she touches. She pitched and helped develop the first ever Super Bowl red carpet event for MAXIM magazine, and that event was given the status of “most sought after ticket” at the Super Bowl. She has produced some of the country’s largest events at Pro Bowl, NBA All Star Game, Indy 500, Sundance Film Festival, and the USOC for the Winter Olympics. In 2003, Kristina moved from Los Angeles and brought her talents to Park City, Utah where she acquired her real estate license and alongside her long-time friend and business partner, Brett Bluth, launched PUREfourhundred, a lifestyle brand centered on beautiful design in every capacity. Kristina has ranked in the top two percent of Coldwell Banker sales associates worldwide. She was inducted into Coldwell Banker’s International Sterling Society, and has utilized her marketing/PR background to get her listings featured in Mountain Living Magazine, Homes and Estate Magazine, the Cover of Luxury Home Tour, Unique Homes, and several others. Her expertise and ambition in her professional career is what drives the heart of PUREfourhundred, and she is one of the cornerstones to our success.
What do you do to get creative? Drink wine with creative people and brainstorm. This is when I come up with my best ideas.
Bad Habits: Drinking too much wine.
Interesting Fact: My grandmother was an Army Nurse and relieved the concentration camps in World War 2.  My grandfather was career Air Force.  My father was career navy.  Feeling an intense need to serve my country, I was in the Army Reserves and ROTC at the University of Utah and went through 9 weeks of basic training.  I enlisted under the Television Broadcasting program.  Private Benjamin?  Yes.  I probably should have done cheerleading camp.
Hobbies: Skiing. Cooking. Working Out. Playing Cards. Making Books & Videos about my family.
Relationship Status:  Single
What do you raise? Kids, Pets, etc. I have a beautiful 9 year old, Jansen, who is OBSESSED with all things related to Football, Planes, World War 2, and Aeronautical Engineering.  He is the LOVE of my life.
#1 My Son, Jansen
#2 Striving ALWAYS to be a good person and choosing to PLAY in the world with love, joy and happiness
#3 Creating PUREfourhundred
#4 Being a successful/smart woman in the business world

Brett has spent years sharing his creativity and direction, and leading the way in the world of design and production. He was hired at the age of 26 as the youngest Creative Director in history with MSL Productions in New York. His first project was for Adidas, assisting in the creation, design, and production of the largest worldwide product launch for their company. He has designed for Kimora Lee Simmons, the Baby Phat brand, Lacoste, Jones of New York, Manolo Blahnik, Guess, Virgin Records, and the US Olympic Ski and Snowboard Team. He teamed up with Kristina to help produce and design the red carpet events for Super Bowl, Indy 500 etc. He was the Executive Producer of the Absolut Vodka traveling global cooling lounge for the Sundance Film Festival, and the Production Designer for the L-Word series Launch for HBO. We feel pretty lucky that he made the move back to Utah from New York City to co-found PUREfourhundred. Brett is the creative backbone to our company; his eye for design, and ability to transform ideas into something concrete and tangible is a work of art.
What do you do to get creative? Living in New York, I would hit the streets in search of creativity. Window Displays and architecture are fresh and revolving.  SoHo may well be the center of the universe in my mind.
Bad Habits: I can’t keep my car clean.  I gross out even myself.
Interesting Fact: I could and probably have watched Under The Tuscan Sun a million times. Picking up and moving to a foreign place and renovating some abandoned stable or shack into my Sistine chapel…total fantasy for me.
Where is your happy place? The bathtub or when the world gets shaky I escape to a matinee alone.
Hobbies: Wine with lunch.
Relationship status: Single.
What do you raise?  Kids.  Two.  Over diapered and undersexed.
#1-When I moved to New York City I interviewed with a young startup design firm on Union Square.  The partners reviewed my portfolio and walked me around the somewhat empty office and said I was welcome to come back and  use the copier or the fax machine whenever I wanted…?? Three days later, with no response, I walked back into that firm and sat down at a desk and began working.  My new co-workers asked me if I was hired and I said “yes, I am the Creative Director.”   I showed up every day for three weeks, in panic mode, at the fear of being escorted by security from the building. In the third week, the company landed a huge account with Adidas and they needed a Creative Director. I just happened to be there.  I was never officially given the position.  I just took it by showing up.
#2-I have adopted two children. Doing so has been the fulfilling of my life’s dream to be a dad.
#3- I have designed for Izod, Adidas, Jam Master Jay, Kimora Lee Simmons and Manolo Blahnik.
#4- Drew Barrymore wanted me to ask her on a date and I had cocktails in the private offices of Diane Von Furstenberg.  Ms. Furstenberg wasn’t present and I regret not jumping in the tiled pond / pool / fountain that runs through it.

Prior to real estate, Joey spent years in the construction industry. He earned the title of Master Mason and was involved with the building or renovating process of close to 20 homes by the time he graduated high school. He joined the National Guard, and continued his masonry and general contracting career simultaneously. He was a masonry foreman for the Temple Har Shalom in Park City, LDS churches, high schools, high-rise condos, and multi-million dollar properties around the greater Salt Lake area. Joey was then deployed to Iraq as a Combat MP. He served in the military for 7 years, and after his service, he acquired his license in Real Estate. He executed the art and architecture tour where he recruited the graphic designer for the Sundance Film Festival to create his website and marketing materials, and began featuring local artists work in million dollar property listings. His first year in Real Estate he was awarded the Rookie of the Year at Coldwell Banker, and since then has remained in the top 50 agents in the company. Last year, Joey’s numbers ranked in the top 5% of the entire company. He specializes in corporate alignment. He helps foster business relationships and friendships that are mutually beneficial. His passion is in Real Estate, and he brings that excitement and drive to PUREfourhundred in the best possible way. Joey is always encouraging us to think bigger, and it’s his energy and drive that helps keep us goaled towards our vision.
What do you do to get creative? Whenever I am looking for inspiration or need creativity I go on a long walk in the park across the street from my house with my dog Alice.
Interesting Fact: When I was younger I was a semi-professional BMX freestyle rider.  Like the guys you see on the X-games.
Where is your happy place? I find I am most happy when surrounded by friends and family.  My motto in life is, ‘the more the merrier’.  A close second is in my basement on the couch with my wife and our dog Alice watching a movie.
Hobbies: Sports. Music. Utah is a great place for that especially in the summer when there is a great show almost every night.  I also try to sing karaoke once a week. I sponsor several city league basketball teams every year.
Relationship Status: I have been married to my best friend Holly for 7 and 1/2 years.
What do you raise?  My amazing dog Alice.
#1 I was an all-state high school football player and had an opportunity to play college football but was more interested in other things.
#2 My military service. I was a Sargent in the Army and was deployed to southern Iraq.
#3 My family and I have built/sold or renovated/sold over 20 properties.  I purchased my first home when I was 21 at a public auction, renovated it and sold it for a profit.
#4 Convincing my wife to marry me.
#5 My success as an agent. Being awarded Rookie of the year for Coldwell Banker when I started my real estate career affirmed my passion for this business and I’ve been in the top 50 in the company ever since.

Carolynn has over 20 years of experience in knowing how to get a job done.  She excels at organizing, tracking, balancing, and managing just about anything and LOVES details! Carolynn began her career in banking, but quickly found her passion in event planning.  She has worked as an event planner in both corporate and non-profit, and has produced some of the top fundraising events in Salt Lake City including Oscar Night for the Utah AIDS Foundation.  She has planned high-end incentive trips and chartered cruises for corporate clients.  She previously managed Memorial House in Memory Grove Park, one of the top event venues in Salt Lake City, where she helped hundreds of brides plan their dream weddings.  Her detail-oriented personality goes hand in hand with her ability to manage multiple tasks and timelines.  She makes sure no detail slips through the cracks and all projects are managed to perfection.  Her attention to detail is unsurpassed.  She is a master at timelines, budgets, and project management. PUREfourhundred runs like a well-oiled machine in large part due to Carolynn’s ability to manage a million things at once and do it effortlessly.
What do you do to get creative? I come up with some of my best ideas in the shower or while exercising.  I also love feeding off the energy of creative people.
Bad Habits: I don’t think I have any bad habits.  I am kind of like Mary Poppins – practically perfect in every way!  However, Brett and Kristina would probably say being too perfect is my bad habit.
Hobbies: I train for and race in triathlons.  I love to try new restaurants – my husband and I are total foodies.  I love to have drinks with friends (I am a beer snob and a wine slut).  Love to spend time on our boat in the summer.  Love to do puzzles.
Relationship Status: Married to my wonderful husband Brian.  We have been married for almost 18 years.  He is funny, supportive, and just down right awesome.
What do you raise? Childless by choice – but love to borrow friends kids and then return them.  I have two cats and let’s be honest, I am really raising my husband as well.
#1  I planned and executed a charter cruise for 2,000 + people including coordinating air, transportation, and the daily activities on the ship.
#2 – While working at the Utah AIDS Foundation, I was in charge of the biggest and most successful officially sanctioned Oscar Night party in the country.  The Academy was so impressed with how we ran the event that we were nominated to have an Oscar statue for a press event and as a photo op at the party.  The statue came with security guards and all – but they did let me hold it and man that thing is heavy!
#3 – Completing my first triathlon was AMAZING!  I have loved doing every race since, but the first made me feel like I could conquer the world.
#4 – I helped start a non-profit for my friend Elyse that passed away from breast cancer.  The organization has been extremely successful and has donated tens of thousands of dollars to Huntsman Cancer Institute.  I personally raised thousands of dollars through Huntsman Hometown Heroes by riding my bike 100 miles in Little Red, an all women’s bike ride in Northern Utah.
#5 – I feel so full of gratitude that the stars aligned and I found the guts to start my own company All The Details Consulting.  It has given me the opportunity to be part of building PUREfourhundred and feed off of the amazing energy that everyone brings to the table.  I truly believe you have to love what you do and it has never steered me wrong.


Brooke brings incredible energy and passion to our PUREdesign team. She lives by the motto “do what you love,” and her career in design is a testament to that. She created her own residential design firm in Salt Lake City, called Nest, and has expertise in commercial projects as well (you can see her work most recently at sushi restaurant Yuki Yama in Park City where she contributed to the redesign/remodel). She also worked as a hair stylist for 15 years, worked in event/catering, and bought and remodeled homes on the side. She’s ambitious, and fantastic, and we are thrilled to have her representing PUREfourhundred.

What do you do to get creative? I spend a lot of time looking through magazines and surfing the internet to gather ideas. The execution is when I completely relax. Often times, my best ideas come to me just before I fall asleep. I’ll sit up in bed and layout a whole new space or design concept.
Bad Habits: I can be obsessive. When I am just starting a project, I can’t think about anything else until I am clear on my vision. It can be annoying to whoever has to hear about it non-stop.
Hobbies: Yoga. Running. Hiking. I play the flute. I love the outdoors and I love to try new things.
Relationship Status: I have a really great boyfriend. He is one of the most creative people I have ever met; he is very inspiring and encouraging.
What do you raise?  I raise two darling girls. Reagan is 8 and Nora is 3, and a mischievous puppy named Benny.
#1 Raising my daughters. I think I manage to be a pretty great mom while working and maintaining some down time for myself.
#2 I am proud of starting my own home remodeling and design business. It has always been fun and successful. I have been proud of every house I have transformed so far.
#3 I loved working with Purefourhundred to transform the park city restaurant Yuki Yama. It was my first commercial project and I really liked the finished design.
#4 I always go for what I want in life and I put myself out there, even when I am scared. I like this about myself.

Mark has been the Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of Operations of the United States Ski and Snowboard Teams for the last 21 years before retiring to focus on real estate sales, investment and development full time.  As a key member of the executive team,  Mark has seen the organization grow from a small entity with $9 million in annual revenues and a $3 million dollar athletic program to the most successful governing body in the Olympic family with an athletic budget of more than $20 million dollars and annual revenues of $40 million.   In addition, he oversaw the construction and design of the 90,000 square foot Center of Excellence, one of the premier athletic training and sport science facilities in Olympic sport that serves as the base of the US Ski and Snowboard Teams athletic programs and the national headquarters.  The US Ski and Snowboard Team has become the best in the world in Olympic skiing and snowboarding during this time frame winning more medals than any other nation for the first time at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. The Team followed that performance up in the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics winning the most gold medals in skiing and snowboarding. Prior to joining the US Ski Team,  Mark spent 12 years with KPMG Peat Marwick, one of the top international CPA firms. Mark has also spent more than 15 years involved in Park City real estate as an investor, developer, and designer of luxury ski properties.  He is well versed on values in the market place and has bought and sold numerous homes, condos, and parcels of lands as well as designed a number of high end ski homes maximizing the views and amenities in each of these homes.   His combination of CPA expertise and knowledge of the Park City real estate market is an advantage to analyzing potential real estate opportunities. He particularly loves to take raw parcels of land and create the ideal home and drawing the project to precise details. As a former skier of the United States Ski Team and a pro mogul competitor, Mark loves to ski and take advantage of all the winter and summer recreational opportunities available in the Park City community and mountains.

An award winning wine educator, Certified Specialist of Wine by the Society of Wine Educators, and she has a basic Sommelier designation by the Court of Master Sommeliers. Kirsten’s passion for wine has shaped her career, and she’s chosen to work with us to share her expertise at our PUREfourhundred events. Kirsten opened the Fox School of Wine in Park City in 2008; a school for the public dedicated to wine education through its wine tasting classes, productions, and home education. In 2012, Kirsten opened the Culinary Wine Institute to deliver online, multi-media, wine-sales videos and certification to the restaurant industry. The Culinary Wine Institute won a prestigious Aurora Award Gold Medal for excellence in non-entertainment-oriented video (other winners have been Disney, Microsoft, and Cisco Systems). And in 2014, Kirsten launched Culinary Wine Experiences. CWE offers professional meeting planners, event planners, and elite hostesses assistance in brining wine to their guests in unique and memorable ways. For PUREfourhundred, CWE has been one of the key components of the Pure Table dinners, and is a chance for our guests to experience wine in an intimate dinner setting. Kirsten’s first wine book was published in early 2012, “The 2011 Yearbook: Wine Reviews by Fox School of Wine.” She is currently writing her second book, “From Self-Serve to Sommelier: Wine at Your Events”, covering the basics of adding wine experiences to make parties and receptions unique.
What do you do to get creative? Imagine myself at an event…the kind of shoes I am wearing, the glassware I am holding and what would make me stop to listen, pay attention, laugh, engage, connect.
Bad habits? Polled the family… Daughter, 24, said, “Crying at every single commercial during the Olympics.” Son, 21, said “Talking on the phone when you’re driving.“ Daughter, 9, said, “Chewing ice.“ Husband, said, “You don’t have any; you’re perfect.” (Well done, hubby, well done.)
Where is your happy place? Everywhere… um, except portable toilets.
Relationship status: Happy to have found Martin Fox, who alternately is my biggest cheerleader, pushing me to challenge myself in new and exciting ways, and my lifelong tormentor, pushing me to challenge myself in new and exciting ways.
What do you raise? Hopefully, the self-esteem of everyone who comes to me to understand wine.
#1 Three kids who aren’t in jail… yet
#2 Survived a plane crash, and helped my sister from the wreckage
#3 Trekked 28 miles through the Peruvian Andes
#4 Killed it as Wilbur in the 6th grade version of Charlotte’s Web
#5 Ability to find the silver lining in any cloud, no matter how big or scary